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Selling your Website or Internet Based Business is difficult decision and you deserve to work with an experienced broker who understands how to value the intangible assets that internet businesses are built on. Your broker needs to understand the differences of drop ship product vs. shipping from your inventory, selling on your own website vs using other platforms, the value of organic search vs paid ad's. Our brokers are website entrepreneurs who understand how websites works and can speak intelligently with potential buyers about your website.
Selling your website is a complicated and difficult decision. Our professional, qualified business brokers will help you through the process. Starting with a free website valuation and finishing with a successful closing, The Online Group will guide you through the process, one step at a time. 

Sell Your Website using The Online Group

We represent US and Canadian business owners who are interested in selling their Internet based businesses to qualified buyers. Unlike most business brokerage firms, The Online Group has internet professionals who have owned, operated and sold many internet companies. The Online Group specializes in the sale of internet based businesses and domain names. When engaging The Online Group, your internet business will get the undivided attention you deserve because we get paid when you get paid - at the closing. 

We put 100% of our resources behind selling your business using our proven marketing system. Our powerful marketing system will generate more buyers for your website so it will sell faster and for a higher amount. 

So why The Online Group when selling your business?

Selling your internet business can be a complicated process and without professional seller representation, you may never close the sale or accept less than favorable terms. The Online Group will handle everything for you, including but not limited to: preparing a detailed Confidential Business Review on your business, formulate a marketing plan to find the right buyer, negotiate an offer, assisting with due diligence, and providing basic contracts (Offer To Purchase and Asset Purchase Agreement). 

If you are interested in starting the process, please contact us today for your free website valuation and consultation. We start with an initial free business valuation, then we will speak with you to learn more about your needs and present how our proven marketing method to selling your website. 

For your free, no obligation website valuation and consultation, please call 800-496-8086.

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