Sell A Security Alarm Company
Selling your Alarm Business or Alarm Accounts is difficult decision and you deserve to work with an experienced broker who can deliver multiple offers within 30 days. These offers will account for your monthly recurring revenue, additional service revenue, and other assets the company may own. We will provide you with a free confidential business consultation and valuation and there are no upfront fees. 

Selling your security or fire alarm company is a complicated and difficult decision. Our professional, qualified business brokers will help you through the process. Starting with a free valuation and finishing with a successful closing, Internet Business Brokers will guide you through the process, one step at a time. 

Don't Sell Your Alarm Company To Your Monitoring Company

While selling your alarm accounts to your monitoring company maybe the easiest route to sell your company, more often then not, it will not generate the highest selling price for your company. An alarm company is comprised of 2 streams of revenue, the Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) from monitoring and the service revenue generated by installations, inspections, repairs, and upgrades completed at customer locations. Monitoring companies will provide you with a multiple of your recurring monthly revenue, but rarely to they apply any value to your service revenue generate by your company. It is much better to put your business on the market and sell your company to another local alarm company that can apply a value to both your monitoring revenue and your service revenue. 

So why use The Online Group when selling your alarm company?

When selling your company, it is critical to use a broker so your business can be marketed in a private and confidential manner so your competitors and customers do not find out about the sale. Also,when using The Online Group, your business will get the undivided attention you deserve because we get paid, when you get paid - at the closing. We put 100% of our resources behind selling your business using our proven marketing system. Our powerful marketing system will generate more buyers for your alarm company so it will sell faster and for a higher amount. 

We start with an initial free business valuation where we will speak with you to learn more about your company and to present how our marketing system will help you sell your business. There is no obligation to obtain our free business valuation demonstrating what your business would sell for in the open market.

For your free, no obligation valuation and consultation, please call 800-496-8086.

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