Buy A Web Based Business
Buying a Website or Internet Based Business could be the most rewarding experience an individual could experience. However, it could also be the most risky if not completed properly. It is important to work with a Broker who can advise you against the pitfalls of buying the wrong business. Our Brokers can help you navigate finding a business, negotiating an offer, understanding due diligence, finding a bank for financing, and finally, closing.  
Things to Consider When Buying A Business:

1. Confidentiality is critical
  • If the seller’s employees, vendors, bankers, and customers don’t know business is for sale, business operations remain less affected by change in ownership

2. Buy a business you like and can manage
  • You can look forward to going to work every day
  • You don’t have to know everything – the seller can help train and provide consulting
  • Only general knowledge and business skills are important

3. Key considerations when selecting a business
  • Location
  • Track Record
  • Management
  • Why is the seller selling

4. Don’t expect 100% bank financing
  • Banks are asset-based lenders
  • Banks can’t run a small business if borrower leaves
  • Bankers view small business tax returns differently
  • Buyer should expect to pay 20% minimum for down payment

5. Expect some owner financing
  • Typically, most owners don’t want to do owner financing due to the risk
  • Owner financing demonstrates the seller’s confidence in the business
  • Owner financing provides tax benefits to the seller
  • If there is a default on the note, the seller can step in and run the business
  • Buyer has seller’s goodwill during term of payments

6. Expect to negotiate

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